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services with gatecard

Gatecard is a digital loyalty card, you have on your mobile or on gate.shop. With gatecard, you collect G's that can be exchanged for discounts on your next shopping. You will also have other exclusive benefits, such as VIP discounts, extended returns or all your receipts on your G account.

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How does it work?

Get the gatecard

Register online at gate.shop or at any Gate store.


You can easily exchange your Gs for a discount on your next purchase.

Collect G's

For every purchase with a gatecard you will be credited with G's. Tip: get bonus G's for product reviews!

VIP Sale

Be the first! With gatecard you have access to exclusive discounts a bit earlier then others.

New conditions

You can now also use your earned points on discounted products and shop up to 70% cheaper!

Returns within 45 days

With Gatecard you will always be able to return goods that did not suit you, as we will extend your return period to 45 days. This also applies to purchases at gate.shop.

No need to keep receipts

When purchasing with Gatecard, all your receipts are saved on your account and you have them always at hand. Don't worry about losing your receipt.

Overview of your purchases

In your Customer Account you will find all information about your purchases in stores and gate.shop.

Easy shopping

All your data and preferences are stored in your customer account for a quick and convenient purchase online at gate.shop.

Rewards for Gs

100G = 1€
500G = 5€
1000G = 10€


For every 100G you earn, you will get a 1€ discount when shopping at Gate stores or at gate.shop. With Gs you can pay up to 70% of the total price. Applying Gs is adjusted General Terms and Conditions.

We will reward you for every purchase.


For every 1€ purchase with   gatecard.


For every 1€ you purchase with a gatecard on selected days.


For each review of purchased goods.


For every review with a photo uploaded.

Bonuses for you


For registering a gatecard at a store or e-shop.


For completely filling in your fashion profile.


Tell your friends about gatecard and get a bonus for everyone who signs up and purchases.


Every year as a gift to your birthday.

I want to register 200G sign-up bonus